Enrolment hosted at NASC

When making a referral to be hosted at NASC you can attend under the following three statuses:

  1. As a Fee for Service (FFS) student: This means that you will remain connected to your home school for up to one year whilst your school purchases subjects you chose to study at NASC/CLC. You must be at least year 10.
  2. FLO 90%: This means you remain enrolled in your school; however, you will be provided with an onsite case manager at NASC/CLC and you will have access to the entire NASC/CLC curriculum. You must be at least year 10.
  3. NASC student: This means that you transfer from your home school and enrol directly as a student at Northern Adelaide Senior College. You will be provided with a case manager and access to the entire CLC and NASC curriculum. You must be at least year 10.

For either a FFS or FLO 90% referral; the following Referral Form must be completed in full with associated attachments. Your FLO Leader at your school of enrolment must also sign as approval of this referral. Your referral will not progress unless the form is completed in its entirety.

FLO Case managers are required to obtain the approval (including financial expenditure approval) of home school FLO leader prior to generating a referral to the NASSSA CLC. Northern Adelaide Senior College will then directly invoice the home school of enrolment the relevant fees.

Please ensure a nominated representative attends the initial enrolment interview (such as APP Case Manager or school SSO), who is briefed on the students’ circumstances and can constructively contribute to the enrolment interview process. It is expected this advocate/person will support the discussion at time of enrolment.

You may enquire yourself by completing the Referral Form or get your case manager to do this on your behalf. Once complete, please e-mail PDF referral form and associated attachments required to: nasc.clc@schools.sa.edu.au. We will then contact you to arrange an interview.

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