NASC #breakthebias for International Women’s Day
10 March 2022

International Women’s Day at Northern Adelaide Senior College celebrates the achievement of our students and staff in #breakingthebias and advocating fairness and equality in a week-long celebration.

“I feel like every single woman is uniting to talk about what the problem is with the world today and trying to make a change of it,” says Rose D., a NASC Women’s Studies student.

“We have a lot of old white males that always seem to think that women are nothing to them and we just must stay in the kitchen or stay at home.

“I feel like us as the younger generation have the chance to change that because we do have a voice, everyone has a voice, especially in this digital age.”

On Friday March 11, students and staff are invited to a free pancake breakfast on the HUB Rooftop and listen to the IWD livestream from leading South Australian women and 2021 Australian of the Year, Grace Tame.

Women’s Studies students have created IWD posters to emphasise how we can all break the bias against male patriarchy to achieve gender equality and fairness as part of the celebration.

“Having an opportunity to get together and talk about the oppression and systemic problems with the patriarchy. It’s great!” says Hudson D., a Women’s Studies student.

“We’re celebrating all the achievements that women have made, politically and socially. We’re coming together as equals,” agrees fellow student Paige W.B.

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