Specialist programs

Find out about the specialist programs our school offers.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Program

Northern Adelaide Senior College offers specialist programs and support for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students. This is to make sure they receive any extra assistance that they might need to complete their studies.

About the program

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students are supported at Northern Adelaide Senior College by a team of staff who focus on wellbeing and academic success.

Students are able to access a range of services within the school and local community in order to feel supported and successful with their SACE studies. These services include:

  • financial counselling
  • personal counselling
  • health checks
  • housing support
  • MetroCard assistance
  • Lunch Club.

Engaging in the SACE

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at NASC have an opportunity to engage with their culture through a range of subjects and programs with an ATSI focus.

Subjects include:

  • English/Literacy
  • Maths
  • Research Project
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Workplace Practices
  • Transition

The ATSI team works with students to support their transition back into education and assist them to engage successfully and complete their SACE.

Through the use of Independent Learning Programs, each student works with the ATSI team to plan and prepare their transition from school into the workforce, University or TAFE.

Download the ATSI Program Flyer (PDF)

Academy of Game, Film and Animation

Develop the skills required for 3D modelling, game asset and level design as well as livestreaming broadcast production skills in a three-year SACE pathway at Northern Adelaide Senior College. Through our connections with industry partners, you’ll have real opportunities to get into the Creative Industries or Screen and Media Professions.

Download the AGFA Program Flyer (PDF)

English as an Additional Language or Dialect Program

The English as an Additional Language (EALD) program at Northern Adelaide Senior College is designed to support students with diverse linguistic backgrounds.

NASC’s EALD program prioritises linguistic and academic development, creating a supportive environment for students to thrive in their language acquisition journey.

The program integrates language learning with essential subjects in Maths, English and Research Project ensuring students not only enhance their English proficiency but also excel in their overall academic pursuits.

We also offer bridging literacy courses for those who have just completed their New Arrivals Program and want to improve their literacy and continue their academic journey.

Download the EALD Program Flyer (PDF)

Entrepreneurial Pathways

Northern Adelaide Senior College will develop your small business skills through SACE courses and by teaching you how to manage a cottage-core or small café business. You will learn marketing, finance and management skills while also learning how to create the products themselves as you complete your South Australian Certificate of Education.

Download the Entrepreneurial Program Flyer (PDF)

Learning Support Pathway

At Northern Adelaide Senior College we offer students with additional learning needs a modified, supportive curriculum based on students skill level and individual needs.

Download the Learning Support Pathway Flyer (PDF)

Medical and Science Pathway

Improve your chances for a higher ATAR at Northern Adelaide Senior College. We aim to support students who are wishing to enter university with intensive study programs, tutor and assignment help, university pathway support and UCAT training.

Download the Medical and Science Pathway Flyer (PDF)

Vocational Education and Training Programs

Turn your passion into a career by becoming certified at Northern Adelaide Senior College. Learn practical skills for work so you may join the workforce, move into a different career or earn your South Australian Certificate of Education.

Download the VET Pathway Flyer (PDF) or visit NASC curriculum to see the range of VET courses we offer.

Young Mums Program

The Young Mums Program at NASC provides support, education, and resources to empower young mothers to engage in education whilst parenting. The program offers pre-natal support, free bus transport, SACE classes and free creche.

The program includes:

  • a midwife available at our antenatal clinic for expecting mums
  • extra support for young mums through our relationship with the Lyell McEwin Hospital
  • ‘bubs and me’ ante-natal midwife program
  • free crèche facilities
  • a dedicated SACE learning program.

The program supports young mothers to continue with their learning in a supported environment. The program includes Art, English, Maths, Wellbeing and Playgroup.

Download the Young Mums Flyer (PDF)