NASC curriculum

Berry Street Model

We employ the Berry Street Model to create a supportive and trauma-informed learning environment.

This model focuses on understanding and addressing the impact of trauma on students’ lives. We use trauma-informed practices to create a safe and inclusive space, recognising that students may face various challenges outside the classroom.

By integrating the Berry Street Model into our educational framework, we aim to enhance the overall learning experience. This is to make sure that students feel supported and empowered to overcome challenges and succeed in their academic pursuits.

VET / FIPS and Stackables

Find the full range of NASSSA courses available for students in our NASSSA VET Brochure.

Students can enrol in other VET courses outside of the NASSSA region provided they are on the VET Register. If you are interested in a vocational pathway, please see the VET Coordinator to register your expression of interest.

The following VET courses are held at NASC and TAFE.

Advanced Animal Care (Certificate I) Stackable
Advanced Animal Care (Certificate II) Stackable
Advanced Brick and Block (Stackable)
Advanced Carpentry (Stackable)
Advanced Plumbing (Stackable)
Animal Care Industry Pathways (Certificate I) FIP
Animal Care (Certificate II) FIP
Automative Servicing Technology Certificate II (FIP)
Community Services (Certificate II) FIP
Construction Pathways (Certificate II) FIP
Cookery (Certificate I) Partial
Cookery (Certificate II) FIP
Early Childhood Education and Care (Certificate II) FIP
Electrotechnology (Certificate II) FIP
Engineering Pathways (Certificate II) FIP
Food Processing (Bakery Focus) (Certificate II) FIP
Hair & Beauty Advanced Stackable Clusters
Health Services Assistance (Certificate III) FIP
Hospitality and Events Stackable
Individual Support (Ageing or Disability) (Certificate III) FIP
Information Technology (Certificate III) FIP
Introduction to Welding (Stackable)
Kitchen Operations
Plumbing (Certificate ll)
Resources and Infrastructure Workplace Preparation (Certificate II) FIP
Retail Cosmetics (Certificate II) FIP
Screen and Media (Certificate III) FIP
Salon Assistant (Certificate II) FIP