A fusion of culinary skills and financial literacy at NASC
16 March 2023

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) Young Mums program showcased a unique blend of talents as participants delved into the world of finance and culinary arts.

The young mums, part of the Food and Finance initiative, crafted a mouth-watering Asian fusion dish, combining their newfound culinary skills with essential lessons in finance and budgeting.

Under the guidance of David Folland, Young Mums Food and Finance teacher, these young mothers not only honed their cooking techniques but also learned practical financial skills, enhancing their understanding of budgeting and responsible financial management.

The program offered a holistic approach, empowering participants to create delectable dishes while gaining valuable insights into managing their finances effectively.

“The Food and Finance program not only nurtures culinary talents but also equips our young mums with essential life skills,” says David Folland.

“It’s inspiring to see these women embrace learning and apply it to both their family life and personal growth.”

The Asian fusion dish, a testament to their dedication and creativity, served as a delicious reminder of the program’s success. NASC continues to support initiatives that empower students, ensuring they are well-prepared for both culinary adventures and financial challenges in the future.

Northern Adelaide Senior College are accepting 2023/24 year 11-13 enrolments throughout the year.

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