Aboriginal Studies students create a mural at Marra Dreaming Cultural Community Centre
23 May 2023

Northern Adelaide Senior College’s (NASC) Aboriginal students work collaboratively to create a mural to display at NASC during their visit to the Marra Dreaming Cultural Community Centre, nestled in the heart of the Northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Established in 1999 by Aboriginal women from diverse regions of Australia, the centre stands as a vibrant testament to the richness of Aboriginal culture.

Originally founded as a space for Aboriginal artists to nurture their creativity, Marra Dreaming has evolved into a thriving hub where the community can immerse themselves in the depth of Aboriginal traditions.

The centre runs arts and crafts programs, offering a bridge between Aboriginal heritage and the wider community, enhancing cultural awareness and understanding.

The NASC students’ visit  provided them with a profound cultural experience but also highlighted the essential role Marra Dreaming plays in preserving and promoting Aboriginal heritage and community growth within our local community.

The mural will be displayed in the Nunga Room, a room dedicated to our Indigenous students at Northern Adelaide Senior College.

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