Alumnus returns to NASC with her latest fashion designs
28 February 2022

Northern Adelaide Senior College alumni, Anh Nguyen, visited Fashion and Design class last week to discuss the amazing opportunities she has discovered since graduation.

Anh graduated from NASC in 2019, and inspired by Cathy Adam’s Fashion and Design class, decided to pursue further study at university.

“I learned a lot from Cathy about sewing and techniques and I have applied what I have learned here to my studies at university,” says Anh.

“I study Bachelor of Creative Arts in Fashion and my course is fantastic. I’m not only learning sewing and fashion design skills, but I’m also learning how to use digital technologies for creating designs that will help me in my future career.”

Anh says that in her first year she learned basic sewing skills and techniques that she has since applied to her own designs that she showed the class last Thursday.

“There are lots of places that Fashion and Design can take you,” says Cathy.

“Many who learn sewing want to create their own pieces or sew for friends and family. But, if you’re looking at Fashion and Design as a career, there’s different pathways that you can take.”

Cathy says that Anh loves embellishing her garments with embroidery and said that as a student, she was proactive in learning techniques through YouTube.

“If you’re a visual learner where you prefer to watch someone perform it and then do it yourself, then YouTube is a really good way of picking up some skills,” says Cathy.

“It also doesn’t matter what age you begin. Sewing is something that you can do later in life, but if you’ve got the passion and the interest, it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing it.

Anh says that it is amazing that she could exhibit her designs to Cathy’s class and to show some of the skills that she learned at university.

“I’m grateful to see and show Cathy, who helped me to be where I am today, where my sewing skills have taken me,” says Anh.

“I hope to inspire others like Cathy inspired me.”

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