Cybersecurity and WP students exploring careers at Australian Space Discovery Centre
13 April 2023

Northern Adelaide Senior College’s (NASC) Cybersecurity and Workplace Practices students delved into the cutting-edge world of space technology during their visit to the Australian Space Discovery Centre at Lot Fourteen.

The excursion provided a unique opportunity for students to explore the dynamic and evolving field of space science and technology.

At the Australian Space Discovery Centre, students engaged in interactive exhibits, witnessed awe-inspiring displays, and gained insights into the latest advancements in space exploration.

From satellite technology to robotics and beyond, the excursion offered a glimpse into the future of space-related careers.

“Visits like these not only inspire our students but also broaden their horizons,” says Craig Coleman, Cybersecurity and Workplace Practices teacher at NASC.

“The Australian Space Discovery Centre is at the forefront of innovation, and our students had the chance to witness the incredible possibilities within the realm of space technology.”

The excursion emphasized the significance of STEM education and its impact on shaping the future workforce.

By immersing students in real-world applications of cybersecurity and workplace practices within the space industry, NASC continues to prepare its students for the exciting and diverse career opportunities that lie ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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