Diving into the world of imagination during Book Week
31 August 2022

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) transformed into a vibrant tapestry of literary wonders as students celebrated Book Week.

The school embraced the magical atmosphere of this annual event, encouraging students to come dressed as their favourite characters or indulge in the world of stories by purchasing second-hand books for just $1.

Book Week, a cherished tradition in schools and libraries across Australia, celebrates the creativity and brilliance of Australian authors and illustrators.

The school buzzed with excitement as students paraded through the halls dressed as beloved literary characters. The second-hand book sale not only provided affordable reading options for students but also served as a fundraiser, with all proceeds dedicated to children’s literacy initiatives.

“Book Week sparks imagination and fosters a lifelong love for reading,” says Annisa, English and Humanities Leader at NASC.

“It’s heartening to witness our students embracing the joy of books, all while contributing to a meaningful cause.”

NASC’s celebration of Book Week not only showcased the creative spirit of its students but also reinforced the school’s commitment to nurturing a love for reading, ensuring that the magic of storytelling continues to inspire generations.

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