Inspiring young minds for National Simultaneous Storytime
07 June 2022

Lisa, the dedicated librarian at Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC), enchanted the youngest members of the NASC community by participating in National Simultaneous Storytime last week.

With great enthusiasm, she read aloud “Family Tree” by Josh Pyke, beautifully illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh, to captivated children in the school’s Young Mum’s classrooms.

“Family Tree” weaves a heart-warming tale celebrating the essence of family, community, and the precious seasons of life.

Lisa’s animated storytelling brought the characters to life, immersing the children in the enchanting world of the story.

The narrative resonates with the values cherished by the NASC community, emphasising the importance of connections, traditions, and shared experiences.

“Lisa’s engaging storytelling not only captivated our young audience but also instilled important values of togetherness and unity,” says Sarah Whiteside, Learning Together manager at NASC.

“National Simultaneous Storytime is an excellent opportunity to foster a love for reading and inspire creativity among our children.”

National Simultaneous Storytime not only promotes the joy of reading but also reinforces the power of storytelling in building strong communities. Lisa’s heartfelt reading session exemplifies the school’s commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a sense of belonging within the NASC community.

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