NASC bridging generational gap through Youngster Co. Program
08 June 2023

Northern Adelaide Senior College’s (NASC) Industry Connection class are participating in the Youngster Co. Program at Elizabeth City Centre every Wednesday from 11 am to 1pm where they are supporting seniors with technology-related challenges.

Driven by a simple yet powerful goal — to create 1 million connections by December 2025 — the Youngster Co. program focuses on bringing tech-savvy youngsters and seniors together. The initiative aims to foster mutual respect, engagement, and a sense of community between generations.

In their interactions, these our NASC students have witnessed heart-warming moments of understanding and gratitude and their impact goes beyond technical assistance. It focuses on building connections, nurturing understanding, and creating a community where everyone feels valued.

Northern Adelaide Senior College are accepting 2023/24 year 11-13 enrolments throughout the year.

To find out how NASC can help personalise your senior secondary education goals, principal tours are held every first Friday of the month. Bookings are essential. Call (08) 7285 1600 to book or find out more.