NASC celebrates International Women’s Day
10 March 2023

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) honoured International Women’s Day with a delicious breakfast hosted by the Women’s Studies class, Food and Hospitality students, and Student Voice on the HUB Rooftop today.

The event, held under the theme DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality, echoed the global call to recognise women’s immense contributions in the digital landscape.

From the early days of computing to the era of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, women have persevered and made remarkable strides in the digital world, defying historical odds and societal barriers. Despite their achievements, a persistent gender gap in digital access continues to hinder women’s full participation in technology.

This year’s International Women’s Day highlighted the urgent need to bridge this gap, emphasising the importance of women’s representation in STEM education and careers. The event shed light on the transformative power of digital technology, offering opportunities to empower women, girls, and marginalized groups globally.

“At NASC, we celebrate the achievements of women and acknowledge the challenges they face,” says Renee Howell, Women’s Studies teacher.

“International Women’s Day serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to create a more inclusive and equitable digital world, where every woman can thrive.”

As NASC stands united with the global community, the school continues its efforts to foster an environment where women are empowered, encouraged, and supported, ensuring a future where gender equality prevails in all aspects of life.

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