NASC Cultivates Community Spirit with Permaculture Garden Opening
04 April 2022

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) has taken a green leap forward with the official opening of its Permaculture Garden, an initiative led by the enthusiastic members of the NASC Gardening Group.

Located opposite the car park, the garden was unveiled this week, inviting staff, students, and the wider community to participate in and enjoy the bounties of sustainable gardening.

The NASC Gardening Group, comprising passionate students and dedicated staff, spearheaded the development of the permaculture garden as a holistic learning environment. The garden serves as an outdoor classroom where students can gain hands-on experience in permaculture techniques, promoting the principles of ecological sustainability and self-sufficiency.

“We believe in the power of connecting with nature and fostering a sense of community through gardening,” said Harley B., a member of the Gardening Group. “The permaculture garden is not just a patch of plants; it’s a living, breathing space where learning, growth, and environmental consciousness thrive.”

The garden boasts a diverse array of plants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and native species, cultivated using eco-friendly methods that conserve water and promote biodiversity. Students actively participated in designing and planting the garden, instilling a sense of ownership and pride in their sustainable creation.

Principal Anne Sim emphasized the garden’s significance in enriching the educational experience at NASC.

“Our Permaculture Garden symbolises our commitment to environmental education and community engagement. It provides a platform for hands-on learning, fosters a sense of responsibility towards our planet, and promotes healthy living through organic produce,” says Anne.

The garden is open to all, encouraging teachers to incorporate outdoor lessons, students to learn about cultivation, and community members to participate in gardening events. It stands as a testament to NASC’s dedication to creating a vibrant, eco-conscious community that values nature and sustainability.

Northern Adelaide Senior College are accepting 2022/23 year 11-13 enrolments throughout the year.

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