NASC FLO students excel in Advanced Welding Program
07 April 2022

Students from Northern Adelaide Senior College’s (NASC) Flexible Learning Options program delved into the future of welding education yesterday at Regency TAFE.

Engaged in the Advanced Welding Program, these students were introduced to cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality welding technology, transforming their learning experience and enhancing their skills in the art of welding.

The use of virtual and augmented reality technology has revolutionised traditional teaching methods. Through immersive simulations, students and lecturers can explore, analyse, and review welding techniques and performance within a digital environment. This innovative approach not only increases the rate of engagement in learning but also provides invaluable insights into individual student progress.

“Virtual and augmented reality welding technology is a game-changer in welding education. It allows our students to practice and refine their skills in a realistic digital space, enabling them to gain confidence and competence before they step into the live workshop environment,” said Andrea Williams, VET Coordinator at NASC.

The impact of this cutting-edge technology became evident as students transitioned from virtual simulations to live workshops. Equipped with a deeper understanding of welding techniques and nuances, the FLO students demonstrated enhanced proficiency, performing more effectively in the live workshop setting where their skills were put to the test.

“This program has not only made learning welding more engaging but has also boosted our confidence,” shared a FLO student. “It’s incredible to see how technology can transform the way we learn and prepare for our future careers.”

NASC’s collaboration with Regency TAFE reflects the college’s commitment to providing inclusive, innovative, and high-quality education. By embracing advanced technologies, students are empowered to excel, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

As these FLO students continue to thrive in the Advanced Welding Program, their experiences serve as a testament to the limitless possibilities that modern education can offer, preparing them for successful futures in the field of welding and beyond.

Northern Adelaide Senior College are accepting 2022/23 year 11-13 enrolments throughout the year.

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