NASC Garden Club honours ANZAC Day with symbolic planting
03 May 2022

Today, students from the Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) Garden Club paid tribute to the fallen heroes of ANZAC Day by planting rosemary and poppies in the NASC garden during lunchtime.

The solemn act of planting these symbolic flowers served as a heartfelt commemoration of the bravery and sacrifice of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

With great reverence, the students carefully planted the young rosemary plants and poppy seeds into the school’s garden. Rosemary, a herb associated with remembrance, and poppies, a symbol of wartime sacrifice, hold deep significance in ANZAC traditions, honouring the memory of those who fought and died for their nations.

“We wanted to create a living memorial in our school garden to honour the ANZACs and express our gratitude for their sacrifice,” said Virginia Holt, science teacher at NASC.

“By planting these flowers, we hope to keep their memory alive and remind future generations of the courage and resilience displayed by our servicemen and women.”

The Student Garden Club members, under the guidance of their dedicated teachers, hope that the rosemary and poppies will bloom in time for Remembrance Day in November. This thoughtful gesture not only fosters a sense of connection with history but also instils a profound sense of respect and understanding among the students, ensuring that the legacy of the ANZACs continues to thrive within the school community.

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