NASC introduces innovative arts course: Pots and Prints
09 April 2022
Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) is embracing creativity and self-expression with its newest arts course, “Pots and Prints.” Designed to nurture artistic talents, this innovative semester-long program o9ffers stage 1 and stage 2 students the opportunity to delve into the realms of pottery and linoprint. The course aims to provide students with hands-on experience in two distinct yet complementary art forms. Students will learn the intricate techniques of pottery, shaping clay into unique and functional pieces. Students will also explore the art of linoprint, a method that involves carving designs onto linoleum blocks and printing them onto various surfaces, creating visually stunning and textured artworks. “Pots and Prints is a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity and providing diverse learning experiences for our students. This course not only hones their artistic skills but also encourages innovation and collaboration,” says Pots and Prints teacher, Kylie Sims. Students enrolled in Pots and Prints can look forward to a dynamic curriculum that includes hands-on workshops and exploration into leading pottery and linoprint artists. The course encourages students to experiment with different styles, textures, and techniques, empowering them to express their creativity freely. “With Pots and Prints, we aim to inspire a new generation of artists,” says Kylie. “This course offers a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary artistry, allowing students to explore their artistic boundaries and create meaningful, visually engaging works of art.” Northern Adelaide Senior College are accepting 2022/23 year 11-13 enrolments throughout the year. To find out how NASC can help personalise your senior secondary education goals, principal tours are held every first Friday of the month. Bookings are essential. Call (08) 7285 1600 to book or find out more.