NASC Students Champion Environmental Conservation
31 May 2022

In a dedicated effort to protect local wildlife, the Outdoor Education class at Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) has embarked on an inspiring Environmental Stewardship assignment.

Recognizing the challenges faced by native fauna due to vegetation clearing and loss of nesting hollows, the students delved into comprehensive research and design work.

Under the guidance of their teacher, they meticulously crafted models of nesting boxes tailored to the specific needs of microbats, possums, and parrots.

Their innovative designs were then handed over to Jayden, a skilled construction expert, who transformed their visions into wooden kits as part of his Community Studies project.

With unwavering determination, the students meticulously constructed the nesting boxes, showcasing their dedication to fostering a harmonious environment for the local wildlife. These purpose-built nesting boxes are set to be placed in trees across the NASC Community Garden, providing essential shelters for vulnerable species.

Tanya Taylor-Cox praised the students for their initiative.

“This hands-on project not only highlights the students’ creativity and knowledge but also underscores their commitment to environmental conservation,” says Tanya.

“Their efforts showcase the spirit of stewardship we aim to instil in our students, ensuring they actively contribute to the wellbeing of our ecosystem.”

NASC continues to empower its students to become responsible environmental stewards, fostering a deep sense of appreciation for the natural world and inspiring future conservationists in the process.

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