NASC students explore community gardening at Joe’s Connected Garden
09 June 2022

Students from Northern Adelaide Senior College’s English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) Research Practices class embarked on an enriching field trip to Joe’s Connected Garden, immersing themselves in the world of community gardening.

This educational visit aimed to provide valuable insights into the practices that make a community garden successful, encouraging students to explore sustainable horticulture in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs.

During their time at Joe’s Connected Garden, the students had the opportunity to delve into permaculture techniques, learning essential tips for creating thriving gardens.

From soil preparation to plant diversity and water conservation, they gained practical knowledge that can be applied to their own gardening endeavours.

The visit not only enhanced their understanding of gardening principles but also fostered a sense of community and environmental responsibility.

“Engaging with initiatives like Joe’s Connected Garden not only broadens our students’ horizons but also teaches them valuable skills in sustainable living,” says Tanya Taylor-Cox, EALD Research Practices teacher.

“It’s heartening to see our EALD Research Practices students actively participating and embracing the community spirit.”

The visit to Joe’s Connected Garden not only provided valuable horticultural insights but also inspired the students, highlighting the importance of community collaboration and eco-conscious practices that they can hopefully implement into our own community garden.

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