NASC students manage their own small market
06 June 2022

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) celebrated a significant achievement last week as students from the North of the Silk Road program showcased their entrepreneurial spirit by managing and creating items for the North of the Silk Road market.

The event marked a remarkable milestone, providing invaluable real-life experience for the students who actively participated in setting up and running the market for the first time.

Throughout the day, the students demonstrated exceptional skills in customer service, communication, and teamwork, greeting visitors with enthusiasm and professionalism. ‘

Their collaborative efforts not only resulted in a successful event but also raised an impressive $440.50.

Sally Bain, NOTSR small business teacher, commended the students for their dedication and achievement.

“This experience goes beyond monetary value. It is about building confidence, fostering teamwork, and developing essential life skills,” says Sally.

“The students’ hard work and enthusiasm have not only contributed to the school community but have also given them a solid foundation for their own small business in the future.”

The success of the North of the Silk Road market not only showcases the talents of NASC students but also underscores the school’s commitment to providing holistic education, emphasising practical learning experiences that prepare students for the challenges and opportunities they will face in the real world. Congratulations to all involved on a job well done.

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