NASC students shine in Multicultural Power Cup Finals
08 June 2023

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) is buzzing with excitement as its Intercultural Cup students advances to the finals of the Multicultural Power Cup, a renowned program celebrating the vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity in Australia.

This year’s tournament, which has seen a record number of participating schools, has not only created unforgettable memories but also fostered invaluable friendships among students from various cultural backgrounds.

The Multicultural Power Cup, in partnership with Port Adelaide Football Club, stands as a beacon of inclusion, unity, and social cohesion.

The program, designed to recognize and celebrate the positive contributions of diverse cultures, has provided NASC students with a unique platform to showcase their talent, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

“Our students have demonstrated exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament,” says Ashley Fraser, case manager at NASC.

“Their participation in the Multicultural Power Cup promotes cultural diversity but also highlights the strength of unity within our school community.”

Apart from the thrilling matches, the program includes an interactive careers exhibition, offering students insights into meaningful career pathways, enhancing their educational experience beyond the football field.

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