NASC students showcase culinary talents
09 May 2022

The Stage 1 Food and Hospitality students at Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) impressed their peers and instructors today with their culinary prowess, as they prepared a mouth-watering meal of honey chicken and fried rice.

Under the guidance of their teacher, the students showcased their creativity and cooking skills, turning a regular classroom into a bustling kitchen filled with the aroma of delicious ingredients.

In this engaging and hands-on lesson, the aspiring chefs carefully diced vegetables, expertly marinated the chicken, and skilfully stir-fried the rice to perfection. The classroom transformed into a culinary hub, where teamwork and passion for cooking were evident in every dish prepared.

“The enthusiasm and dedication shown by our Stage 1 Food and Hospitality students are truly commendable. Today’s lesson not only honed their cooking techniques but also emphasised the importance of creativity and presentation in the culinary arts,” said Tamika Green, the Food and Hospitality teacher at NASC.

The delightful aroma wafting from the classroom kitchen drew the attention of staff and students alike, creating a buzz of excitement throughout the school. As the students plated their creations, they took pride in their culinary achievements, displaying beautifully garnished dishes that looked as good as they smelled.

The culinary adventure of preparing honey chicken and fried rice not only provided a delightful meal for the students but also served as a reminder of the boundless creativity and skills nurtured within the walls of Northern Adelaide Senior College.

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