NASC students take steps to end homelessness
10 August 2022

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) students united in a powerful demonstration of empathy and compassion as they participated in the “Walk a Mile in My Boots” event.

The students, along with teachers and staff, embarked on a symbolic journey to the Rosewood Rotunda and back, all while raising essential funds for homelessness support.

In the face of an escalating need, the event aimed to provide vital resources to those struggling in our community. The funds raised will contribute to providing nourishing meals, laundry facilities, medical care, and hot showers—basic necessities that have become increasingly urgent due to the growing demand for assistance at Hutt St Centre.

“Our students have shown remarkable empathy and solidarity by participating in this event,” says Laura, Student Voice case manager.

“It’s heartening to witness their commitment to making a difference in the lives of those facing homelessness. Their actions exemplify the values of compassion and community service that we champion at NASC.”

The “Walk a Mile in My Boots” initiative not only raised funds but also heightened awareness about the pressing issue of homelessness in our community. By standing together, NASC students are actively contributing to the efforts aimed at alleviating the challenges faced by the most vulnerable members of society.

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