NASC welcomes new Student Voice members: Your Voice, Your Representation
02 March 2023

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) proudly introduces its new Student Voice members, a dedicated team elected to represent the student body on campus.

These enthusiastic individuals are here to champion your ideas, initiatives, and concerns, ensuring that your voice is heard and acknowledged within the school community.

Comprising a diverse group of students, the newly appointed members include Ayesha S., Natasha K-T., Astrid E., Mason D-W., Amber B., Harley B., Jacob C-D., Alanah M., Candice F., Olivia H., Pareena B., and Tanvi C. Each member brings unique perspectives, skills, and passions to the table, ensuring a well-rounded representation of student interests.

These Student Voice representatives play a pivotal role in governing various aspects of campus life, from organising student events and fundraising activities to advocating for student needs and addressing requests to the Governing Council for potential changes within the school.

“Our Student Voice members are the heartbeat of our campus, embodying the spirit of collaboration and advocacy. They are here to enhance your NASC experience, so don’t hesitate to approach them during breaks or in shared classes to share your ideas. Your feedback matters, and they are here to listen and make a difference,” says Laura Sutherland, Student Voice case manager.

NASC encourages all students to engage with their Student Voice representatives, fostering a dynamic and inclusive school environment where every voice matters.

Northern Adelaide Senior College are accepting 2023/24 year 11-13 enrolments throughout the year.

To find out how NASC can help personalise your senior secondary education goals, principal tours are held every first Friday of the month. Bookings are essential. Call (08) 7285 1600 to book or find out more.