North of the Silk Road Christmas market a success
15 November 2022

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) students transformed the HUB Rooftop into a festive marketplace, showcasing their entrepreneurial skills at the North of the Silk Road Christmas Market during recess and lunchtime.

Despite the weather challenges, the NASC community rallied together, creating a vibrant atmosphere where creativity and commerce intertwined.

The event marked a significant achievement, raising an impressive total of $1048.00. This substantial sum will be reinvested into the program, empowering students to acquire more materials for future market days in 2023.

For many Stage 1 students, this market day was their inaugural experience in setting up and running a market, providing them with invaluable real-life skills in customer service, communication, and collaboration.

The occasion also featured a raffle, with Emily M. emerging as the lucky winner.

The NASC community expressed heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed, purchased items, and supported the students’ efforts.

Sally Bain, small business teacher at NASC, commended the students’ dedication and thanked the community for their ongoing support, stating;

“The North of the Silk Road Christmas Market showcased our students’ talent but also highlighted the generosity of our school community. Your support and feedback are invaluable, shaping the future success of North of the Silk Road.”

Northern Adelaide Senior College are accepting 2023 year 11-13 enrolments throughout the year.

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