Tony Piccolo MP visits legal studies students in democracy project
20 September 2022

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) welcomed Tony Piccolo MP as he met with Stage 1 Legal Studies students, initiating the first phase of his ambitious “Strengthening Our Representative Democracy” Project.

The project, designed to empower students and enhance civic engagement, kicked off with students actively participating in the democratic process.

During the session, students had the opportunity to share their perspectives on local and global issues by completing a comprehensive survey. The survey aimed to capture the concerns and opinions of the students regarding matters that directly affect their lives. These responses will be crucial in shaping future discussions and policies.

“Engaging our students in discussions about democracy and civic participation is vital,” says Adam Sherwood, Legal Studies teacher.

“Tony Piccolo’s project provides a platform for our young minds to voice their concerns and ideas, creating a sense of responsibility and active citizenship.”

The results of the survey will be analysed, serving as a foundation for meaningful discussions and shaping future dialogues on pertinent issues.

Tony Piccolo MP’s interaction with NASC’s Legal Studies students marks a significant step toward nurturing informed, engaged, and socially responsible citizens within the school community.

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